Sip Trunk

AAT's SIP trunk service is a dedicated connection between the customer's office or POP and AAT via the public internet. A Fixed IP Address is required (Static Public IP address from the ISP Provider).The SIP Trunk service can be used by any worldwide customer, looking for reliable global voice coverage.


Who is it for

Global Businesses, call centres, foreign (outside of Singapore) companies, companies looking to upgrade/replace traditional phone line system.



All calls will be charged at AAT's low IDD retail rates. So huge savings can be made on international calls. All calls will originate in Singapore, meaning calls to Singapore will be charged at the local (Singapore to Singapore) rate.

All calls will connect to AAT via a dedicated IP, allowing for an uninterrupted high quality voice service. No set up or maintenance costs and AAT technical staff can offer advice and assistance when setting up IP BPX. No Prefix needed when dialing, only need country code plus number.

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