Video Conferencing

AAT has launched an exciting partnership with the number one visual communication platform in Asia, V-Cube. Enabling the communication among remote locations by capturing the audio and video of individuals and streaming via Internet, without meeting face to face.


Who is it for

Businesses looking for high quality video conferencing.

Companies with an overseas presence.

Companies looking for a portable video conferencing system solution (ie building yards, ports etc where receiver can be on site).



In an increasingly competitive globalised world, having 'face-to-face' meetings without the premium cost of overseas travel can give your business the edge. The unique service allows for multi-platform (IOS, Android, Windows, Web) usage worldwide.

The fully customizable service is extremely scalable, providing suitable service levels for businesses of all sizes. The service runs over any network, including ones with firewalls, proxy's and intranets. The added feature of - burst capacity gives clients ease of mind. With both hardware and software solutions, AAT can provide premium quality web conferencing solutions for any budget.

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